B.BOX Professional

Uncompromising Power, Intuitive Ease

We challenged ourselves to combine the ulitmate in power with the clarity of simplicity.
In order to meet this challenge and retain the highest of qualities, our control devices are hand-crafted in antistatic work environments in-house, which are regularly certified by independent institutions. After the final manufacturing step, each device is extensively tested and fine-tuned, then packaged by hand for shipping. This kind of attention to detail is most likely unique on the market, but we go to such lengths as a matter of course. For us here at BEMER, there is no higher good than the trust our customers put in us and in our products.

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The user interface has been redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of the real estate and versatility only a 5-inch touch screen can offer. The crystal clear screen displays readings and controls exactly as needed in any given use case, and does so crisply and in stunning detail.
The lightning fast responsiveness of its polished surface will make working with the B.BOX Professional a daily treat.


The control unit comes with three pre-defined programs that you can use at any of ten intensity levels. In addition you may configure up to nine programs specifically tailored to your needs.

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3 pre-defined programs

These programs will get you started with the three most common application cases. All you have to do is chose your desired intensity level.

10 intensity levels

The output levels of our control units have been finely tuned to let you chose exactly your preferred intensity. Select them according to your specific requirements or comfort levels.

Touch Display

Enjoy the intuitive interface and detailed readings displayed on the B.BOX Professional’s crisp 5-inch touch srceen.


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