Why we do what we do

BEMER has become a globally operating company with hundreds of employees around the world.

From our beginnings in 1998 as a family run business in Central Europe, we set out to make the world a better place by improving people’s quality of life.
We seek to continue to achieve this goal by providing high-tech products to hundreds of thousands of satisfied users worldwide.
But we wanted to set the bar a little higher than that. BEMER is involved in a host of sponsorships and charity programs, including sporting events, the UN World Food Programme and the International Red Cross.
This passion for helping people is deeply ingrained in BEMER’s DNA - It’s why we do what we do!

Our commitment to customer service

Every person is a private story and this is how we treat our customers.
In order to live up to our costumers’ expectations and provide the best advice and guidance, we distribute our products through trained partners. This is where we believe customer service should start and why we choose not to sell BEMER products through less personal channels.
Of course, we do also provide a customer hotline, technical service as well as a 24 hour service center.

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